Creatures of the Sea Tattoos

The sea is teeming with life and it only make sense that artists draw inspiration from these creatures to create masterpieces. In this post, we'll be looking at a couple of them including one that is fictional. 

This octopus one looks great. Below is a better view of that anglerfish tattoo on his side.
Mitchell Kohrmann | Columbus, OH

Here's that angler fish we were talking about.
Mitchell Kohrmann | Columbus, OH

This is a reverse mermaid and it's done beautifully.
Jake McKeen @ High Noon Tattoo | Phoenix, AZ

10 Tree Tattoo Ideas: Branching Out

Trees can symbolize a lot of things.  Let's list down some of the more popular ones that come to mind:

1.  They are resilient.  So if you are getting a tattoo of a tree to symbolize resilience, don't go squirming and complaining that it hurts.

2.  Long lasting.  Trees can live hundreds of years so some people choose trees as subject for their skin art to symbolize this.  Again. don't go complaining if the process takes a long time.

3.  Trees can grow almost anywhere.  This adaptability is another reason why people want to have trees tattooed.

4.  Trees provide shelter for critters big and small.  This protective nature resonates with plenty of people who gets tattoos.

5.  Trees provide food.  Perfect for the breadwinner type.

6.  Trees symbolizes life.  Only trees can make their own food and that symbolization of life is very popular with tattoo artists.

7.  Trees were worshiped back in the days.  The Celts and Greeks worship oak trees while Scandinavians prefer the ash trees.  For their descendants, having tattoos of these trees would make so much sense.

8.  The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden as the Bible tells is another good subject for Christians who want tattoos.

9.  Trees look good.  Believe it or not, there are people who get tattoos because they look pretty.

There are definitely a lot more reasons why trees are becoming popular subjects for skin art.  If you are thinking of getting your own tree tattoo, below are some inspirations you might want to consider:

Old Tree Tattoo
Gnarly Tree by Anson Eastin of Forever Tattoo Parlour in Cape Coral, FL

Dead Tree Tattoo
Half Dead Tree by Jeff Cornell at Hidden Hand Tattoo in Seattle, WA

Spruce by Oakes: Done by Eddie Oakes at Artfuel in Wilmington, NC

Trees and Birds Tattoo
Tree and Birds by Joey Hamilton, Club Tattoo, Vegas

Tree Tattoo
Tree by Bryan Mozjesik of Big Brain in Omaha Nebraska

Tree of Life Tattoo
Tree of Life Done by Sou from Lust for Life Tattoo in Brisbane

Tree of Life with Enso done by Jeramy Kitchens at Sparrows Tattoos in Mansfield, TX

Tree Silhouette Tattoo
Tree silhouette tattoo by Sadie Kennedy at Rose Gold's Tattoo, San Francisco

Tree Line Tattoo
Trees by Kate DeCosmo at Euphoria Tattoos in Tallahassee

Tree of Gondor Tattoo
White Tree of Gondor done by Brent Atwood of Pharaoh's Horses Tattoo in Ogden, UT

No matter what their reasons are for getting these tattoos, I think we can all agree that these inks look great, awesome even!

Paul Walker's Meadow Tattoo

Did you know that the late Fast & Furious star Paul Walker had a tattoo of his daughter's name on his wrist?  He said it stops him from doing stupid stuff.

Paul Walker Tattoo Meadow
Paul Walker's Meadow tattoo
Meadow is recently in the news as she takes Porsche to court regarding his father's death.

Watercolor Style Tattoo Ideas and Inspiration

From the outside, the tattoo culture looks to be one close knit community.  They have to, right?  Through the years they have been the victim of fear mongering and the stigma that tattoos are for convicted felons only.  The smaller world that we are living in today though has given plenty of people a good glimpse at how the community is really like.  They too can be divided by something like a new style of tattooing.

This is happening right now with the whole watercolor tattoo style which is basically emulating the look of watercolor art.  The style is picking up a lot of attention because it does look great, especially when done right. So if it looks great, how come there are artists and collectors who are so vehemently against it?

The reasoning why the style should not fly is that it will not hold up well.  It is important to understand that the ink in your skin will not stay that way forever.  It will gradually blot which is why a lot of people are claiming that watercolor style tattoos with their undefined borders will look like a blob of colors somewhere down the road.

Since this style is barely new, there is still insufficient data how these tattoos would look like a decade or so after being done.  So for people on the fence, it is a matter of wait and see.

And then there are also those who reason out that all tattoos would eventually fade with time so if that's the reason holding you back from getting a watercolor style of tattoo, then you might not as well get inked in the first place.

With all that said, here are some watercolor tattoo style ideas that could tickle your fancy in case you decide that the risk of getting a tat in this style is worth taking.

Watercolor Style Tattoo
Inspired by Alice's conversation with the Caterpillar. Inked by Steve Oker at Hart and Huntington Tattoo in Orlando, Florida

Watercolor Spirit Fox Tattoo
Watercolor Spirit Fox by Rodrigo Tas, São Paulo Brazil

Watercolor Frog Tattoo
Watercolor Frog by KC Lange in Bellingham WA

Watercolor Lioness Tattoo
Watercolor Lioness by Aura at Steel Ink in Heartland MI

Watercolor Owl Tattoo
Watercolor Owl by Russell Van Schaick at Hart and Huntington in Orlando, Florida

Watercolor Swallow Tattoo
Watercolor Swallow by Justin at Seattle Ink and Oil

Purple Watercolor Rose Tattoo
Purple Watercolor Rose tattoo by Keith Cromie of Side Show Studios Sacramento, CA

Watercolor Ox Tattoo
Watercolor Ox by Logan Bramlett, Wanderlust Tattoo Society, Akron Ohio

Watercolor Fox Tattoo
Watercolor Fox by Ray at Blu Gorilla in Charleston SC

Watercolor Hummingbird Tattoo
Watercolor Hummingbird by Amy Zager at Tattoo Factory in Chicago

Watercolor Koi Fish Tattoo
Watercolor Koi Fish by Russell from Hart and Huntington Orlando, Florida

Watercolor Lion Tattoo
Watercolor Lion by James Hurley at Eclectic Tattoo Lansing, Michigan

Watercolor Mandalorian Star Wars Tattoo
Watercolor Mando by William (Bill) Volz, Immortal Images, Charlotte

Watercolor Mermaids Tattoo
Watercolor Mermaids by Mikey Ruck of Catalyst Arts Collective in Independence, Missouri

Watercolor Octopus Tattoo
Watercolor Octopus by Andrew of Neon Dragon Tattoo, Cedar Rapids IA

Watercolor Owl Tattoo
Watercolor Owl by JohnnyJinx of the Broken Clover Social Club, Tucson, AZ

Watercolor Phoenix Tattoo
Watercolor Phoenix by Victor Octaviano at Puros Cabrones Tattoo, Santo André, Brazil

Watercolor Poppies Tattoo
Watercolor Poppies by Jon at Studio XIII in Cocoa Beach, FL

Watercolor Poppy Tattoo
Another Watercolor Poppy by Ben Reiter, at Broken Clover Tattoo, Tucson, AZ

Watercolor Tree Tattoo
Watercolor Tree by Amanda Pepper at Thunderdome in St. Louis

The style is really something huh?  Keep in mind though that not all tattoo artists can pull this style off.  So if you really want something like the tattoos above, do some research.  Find the artist in your locality who has done this style and has pulled it off.  You can always ask for a picture of their work before you confirm with them.  There's also the alternative of going to a nearby city, or state even just to get one of these lovely inks.

Rose Drawing Tattoo: Petals and Thorns

The rose has been used as a symbol for centuries.  Usually, this thorny flower has been associated with things like love and beauty.  This popularity is not just true for one region as the whole world basically sees the flower as something beautiful and is therefore associated with good things.  It is therefore no surprise that the rose has also been a favorite subject for tattoo artists.

If you are looking for tattoo ideas featuring the beauty of the rose, check out the pics below.

colored rose tattoo
Bi-color rose by Andres Acosta of  Red Dagger Tattoo, Houston, Texas

Black and Gray Rose Tattoo
Black and grey realism roses by Logan Bramlett of  Wanderlust Tattoo Society in Akron Ohio

Rose Tattoo Trash Polka Style
Rose in Trash Polka style by David Mushaney at Rebel Muse in Lewisville, TX

Red Rose Tattoo
Amazing Rose by Nancy Fancy Tattoo in Gothenburg

Fox and Rose Tattoo from The Little Prince
Fox and Rose thigh piece as inspired by the story "The Little Prince". Inked by Dave Quiggle at Soul Expressions in Temecula, CA.

Purple Rose Watercolor Tattoo
Purple Rose in watercolor style by Keith Cromie of Side Show Studios Sacramento, CA

Rose Filler Tattoo
Rebel Alliance with rose filler tattoo by Mitch Love of Westside Tattoo, Brisbane, Australia

Rose and Hummingbird Tattoo
Rose and hummingbird by Phil Wilkinson of One Day Gallery, Manchester, UK

Rose Compass Tattoo
Rose Compass by Kobay Kronik in Istanbul

Rose Half Sleeve Tattoo
Rose half sleeve tattoo by Alex  of Blancolo Tattoos, Glasgow

Rose Outline Drawing Tattoo
Roses shoulder tattoo by Nathan at Irezumi in Kansas City, MO

Rose Outline Drawing Tattoo
Simple Rose by Skoty at Envy Skin Gallery in Columbus, Ohio.

Rose Woodcut Style Tattoo
Rose tattoo in woodcut style by Maxime Buchi aka MxM

Find any good idea for a rose tattoo of your own?  Check back often as we try to bring to you more tattoo ideas like these rose drawing tattoos.

Bird Tattoos: On The Wings Of Symbolism

Birds will forever be better than men because they can fly, well except for some flightless birds that is.  The fact that flying is usually related to freedom makes birds, especially those that can fly, great subjects for inks or tattoos.  It is therefore not surprising to see countless bird tattoos in different style.  Below are just a "few" of them.

Bird and branch tattoo

Cool Bird Tattoo

barn owl tattoo
Barn Owl inked by Loz at Holdfast Vic Park, Western Australia

bird tattoo with berries
Bird and Berries done by Alice Kendall at Wonderland Tattoos in Portland, OR

bird tattoo
Bird by Christopher Malice of Gaslight Gallery in Houston, TX

bird skull tattoo
Bird Skull Tattoo by Scott Falbo, Apocalypse Tattoo, Seattle WA

Birds and Roses Tattoo
Birds and Roses by Sweets at Squids Ink in Hanover MA

Cage Birds Tattoo
Birds in a Cage by Ben Harris of Art Machine Productions in Philadelphia, PA

Bird Tattoo Cover Up
Awesome cover-up by Leah at Timepiece Tattoo Company in Huntsville, AL

crow tattoo
Crow and Hops by Suzy Todd, Two Birds Tattoo, Seattle

Dead Bird Tattoo
Dead Bird by Teresa Sharpe at Studio 13 Fort Wayne Indiana

Dot Realism Tattoo
Petrified Bird in Dot Realism style by Dotwork Damian at Blue Dragon, Brighton

Bird and Antique Key Tattoo
Bird and Antique Key by David Choquette at Bodkin Tattoo in Montreal, Quebec.

Geometric Bird Tattoo
Geometric Bird by Christopher Malice at Gaslight Gallery

Watercolor Birds Tattoo
Watercolor Birds Tattoo

Hummingbird Tattoo
Hummingbird with Sun by Brittany at Skin and Soul in Bellevue WA

Sketch Colored Bird Tattoo
Sketch Bird Tattoo

Black Bird Tattoo

Moon Bird Tattoo
Moon Bird by Daryl Watson at Rock 'N' Roll Tattoo, Dundee, Scotland

Badass Bird Tattoo
Badass Bird tattoo by Travis Driscoll at MTL Tattoo, Montreal

Blackbird Tattoo
Blackbird by MJ at Warlock's in Raleigh

Chickadee Tattoo
Chickadee Tattoo by Dave Talbot at Shakespeare Ink, Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK

Birds Tattoo
Couple of Birds Tattoo

Origami Bird Watercolor Style Tattoo
Origami Bird by Noel at Lucky 13 Tattoo in Mooresville, NC

Origami Crane Tattoo with watercolor splatter
Origami Crane Tattoo with watercolor splatter

Peacock Bird Tattoo

Phoenix Colored Tattoo
Phoenix by Angelo Fernandes at The Painted Bird

Cool Bird tattoo

Love Birds Tattoo
Love Birds Tattoo

Raven Bird Tattoo
The Raven

Secretary Bird Tattoo
Secretary Bird by Henry Lewis at Skull & Sword in San Francisco

Black Bird Tattoo
Surreal Bird by Piotr Deadi Dedel at Extreme Needle, Covent Garden, London

Watercolor Bird Tattoo
Watercolor Bird (WIP) by Starr at White Tiger Tattoo, Webster, NY

Watercolor Bird Tattoo
Watercolor Bird by Tyago Compiani at El Cuervo Ink, Curitiba, Brazil

Bird and Flowers Tattoo
Bird and Flowers Tattoo

Unfortunately, we cannot find the artists for quite a handful of these tattoos.  If you know the artist who inked one of the unlabeled ones, please drop a message in the comments and we will edit this post to add the proper attribution.