10 Tree Tattoo Ideas: Branching Out

Trees can symbolize a lot of things.  Let's list down some of the more popular ones that come to mind:

1.  They are resilient.  So if you are getting a tattoo of a tree to symbolize resilience, don't go squirming and complaining that it hurts.

2.  Long lasting.  Trees can live hundreds of years so some people choose trees as subject for their skin art to symbolize this.  Again. don't go complaining if the process takes a long time.

3.  Trees can grow almost anywhere.  This adaptability is another reason why people want to have trees tattooed.

4.  Trees provide shelter for critters big and small.  This protective nature resonates with plenty of people who gets tattoos.

5.  Trees provide food.  Perfect for the breadwinner type.

6.  Trees symbolizes life.  Only trees can make their own food and that symbolization of life is very popular with tattoo artists.

7.  Trees were worshiped back in the days.  The Celts and Greeks worship oak trees while Scandinavians prefer the ash trees.  For their descendants, having tattoos of these trees would make so much sense.

8.  The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden as the Bible tells is another good subject for Christians who want tattoos.

9.  Trees look good.  Believe it or not, there are people who get tattoos because they look pretty.

There are definitely a lot more reasons why trees are becoming popular subjects for skin art.  If you are thinking of getting your own tree tattoo, below are some inspirations you might want to consider:

Old Tree Tattoo
Gnarly Tree by Anson Eastin of Forever Tattoo Parlour in Cape Coral, FL

Dead Tree Tattoo
Half Dead Tree by Jeff Cornell at Hidden Hand Tattoo in Seattle, WA

Spruce by Oakes: Done by Eddie Oakes at Artfuel in Wilmington, NC

Trees and Birds Tattoo
Tree and Birds by Joey Hamilton, Club Tattoo, Vegas

Tree Tattoo
Tree by Bryan Mozjesik of Big Brain in Omaha Nebraska

Tree of Life Tattoo
Tree of Life Done by Sou from Lust for Life Tattoo in Brisbane

Tree of Life with Enso done by Jeramy Kitchens at Sparrows Tattoos in Mansfield, TX

Tree Silhouette Tattoo
Tree silhouette tattoo by Sadie Kennedy at Rose Gold's Tattoo, San Francisco

Tree Line Tattoo
Trees by Kate DeCosmo at Euphoria Tattoos in Tallahassee

Tree of Gondor Tattoo
White Tree of Gondor done by Brent Atwood of Pharaoh's Horses Tattoo in Ogden, UT

No matter what their reasons are for getting these tattoos, I think we can all agree that these inks look great, awesome even!