Bird Tattoos: On The Wings Of Symbolism

Birds will forever be better than men because they can fly, well except for some flightless birds that is.  The fact that flying is usually related to freedom makes birds, especially those that can fly, great subjects for inks or tattoos.  It is therefore not surprising to see countless bird tattoos in different style.  Below are just a "few" of them.

Bird and branch tattoo

Cool Bird Tattoo

barn owl tattoo
Barn Owl inked by Loz at Holdfast Vic Park, Western Australia

bird tattoo with berries
Bird and Berries done by Alice Kendall at Wonderland Tattoos in Portland, OR

bird tattoo
Bird by Christopher Malice of Gaslight Gallery in Houston, TX

bird skull tattoo
Bird Skull Tattoo by Scott Falbo, Apocalypse Tattoo, Seattle WA

Birds and Roses Tattoo
Birds and Roses by Sweets at Squids Ink in Hanover MA

Cage Birds Tattoo
Birds in a Cage by Ben Harris of Art Machine Productions in Philadelphia, PA

Bird Tattoo Cover Up
Awesome cover-up by Leah at Timepiece Tattoo Company in Huntsville, AL

crow tattoo
Crow and Hops by Suzy Todd, Two Birds Tattoo, Seattle

Dead Bird Tattoo
Dead Bird by Teresa Sharpe at Studio 13 Fort Wayne Indiana

Dot Realism Tattoo
Petrified Bird in Dot Realism style by Dotwork Damian at Blue Dragon, Brighton

Bird and Antique Key Tattoo
Bird and Antique Key by David Choquette at Bodkin Tattoo in Montreal, Quebec.

Geometric Bird Tattoo
Geometric Bird by Christopher Malice at Gaslight Gallery

Watercolor Birds Tattoo
Watercolor Birds Tattoo

Hummingbird Tattoo
Hummingbird with Sun by Brittany at Skin and Soul in Bellevue WA

Sketch Colored Bird Tattoo
Sketch Bird Tattoo

Black Bird Tattoo

Moon Bird Tattoo
Moon Bird by Daryl Watson at Rock 'N' Roll Tattoo, Dundee, Scotland

Badass Bird Tattoo
Badass Bird tattoo by Travis Driscoll at MTL Tattoo, Montreal

Blackbird Tattoo
Blackbird by MJ at Warlock's in Raleigh

Chickadee Tattoo
Chickadee Tattoo by Dave Talbot at Shakespeare Ink, Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK

Birds Tattoo
Couple of Birds Tattoo

Origami Bird Watercolor Style Tattoo
Origami Bird by Noel at Lucky 13 Tattoo in Mooresville, NC

Origami Crane Tattoo with watercolor splatter
Origami Crane Tattoo with watercolor splatter

Peacock Bird Tattoo

Phoenix Colored Tattoo
Phoenix by Angelo Fernandes at The Painted Bird

Cool Bird tattoo

Love Birds Tattoo
Love Birds Tattoo

Raven Bird Tattoo
The Raven

Secretary Bird Tattoo
Secretary Bird by Henry Lewis at Skull & Sword in San Francisco

Black Bird Tattoo
Surreal Bird by Piotr Deadi Dedel at Extreme Needle, Covent Garden, London

Watercolor Bird Tattoo
Watercolor Bird (WIP) by Starr at White Tiger Tattoo, Webster, NY

Watercolor Bird Tattoo
Watercolor Bird by Tyago Compiani at El Cuervo Ink, Curitiba, Brazil

Bird and Flowers Tattoo
Bird and Flowers Tattoo

Unfortunately, we cannot find the artists for quite a handful of these tattoos.  If you know the artist who inked one of the unlabeled ones, please drop a message in the comments and we will edit this post to add the proper attribution.