Rose Drawing Tattoo: Petals and Thorns

The rose has been used as a symbol for centuries.  Usually, this thorny flower has been associated with things like love and beauty.  This popularity is not just true for one region as the whole world basically sees the flower as something beautiful and is therefore associated with good things.  It is therefore no surprise that the rose has also been a favorite subject for tattoo artists.

If you are looking for tattoo ideas featuring the beauty of the rose, check out the pics below.

colored rose tattoo
Bi-color rose by Andres Acosta of  Red Dagger Tattoo, Houston, Texas

Black and Gray Rose Tattoo
Black and grey realism roses by Logan Bramlett of  Wanderlust Tattoo Society in Akron Ohio

Rose Tattoo Trash Polka Style
Rose in Trash Polka style by David Mushaney at Rebel Muse in Lewisville, TX

Red Rose Tattoo
Amazing Rose by Nancy Fancy Tattoo in Gothenburg

Fox and Rose Tattoo from The Little Prince
Fox and Rose thigh piece as inspired by the story "The Little Prince". Inked by Dave Quiggle at Soul Expressions in Temecula, CA.

Purple Rose Watercolor Tattoo
Purple Rose in watercolor style by Keith Cromie of Side Show Studios Sacramento, CA

Rose Filler Tattoo
Rebel Alliance with rose filler tattoo by Mitch Love of Westside Tattoo, Brisbane, Australia

Rose and Hummingbird Tattoo
Rose and hummingbird by Phil Wilkinson of One Day Gallery, Manchester, UK

Rose Compass Tattoo
Rose Compass by Kobay Kronik in Istanbul

Rose Half Sleeve Tattoo
Rose half sleeve tattoo by Alex  of Blancolo Tattoos, Glasgow

Rose Outline Drawing Tattoo
Roses shoulder tattoo by Nathan at Irezumi in Kansas City, MO

Rose Outline Drawing Tattoo
Simple Rose by Skoty at Envy Skin Gallery in Columbus, Ohio.

Rose Woodcut Style Tattoo
Rose tattoo in woodcut style by Maxime Buchi aka MxM

Find any good idea for a rose tattoo of your own?  Check back often as we try to bring to you more tattoo ideas like these rose drawing tattoos.